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Rev. Darlene A. Russell B.Msc., RPN, EOLD


Energy - The Stuff of Life

Universal Energy is what we call the life force that exists everywhere. It is present in the universe between galaxies, molecules, and space.  It is also the energy that provides us with the "spark of life." For centuries, mystics have understood the importance of maintaining a balance in the Universal Energy. 

When the energy that animates our bodies becomes unbalanced, sluggish, or blocked, it can manifest as physical, psychological, or spiritual dis-ease. Unblocking and balancing disturbances in our energetic field may improve or eliminate these symptoms.


A Reiki treatment is a non-invasive way to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and natural healing. You remain fully clothed during your treatment. You may lie on a table, bed, or the floor; you may also receive treatment sitting in a chair if lying down is uncomfortable for you.

As a certified Reiki Master, I provide professional, confidential service.

Service also available in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

30 minute Reiki session   $55

60 minute Reiki session   $80

Purchase 3 sessions and save $15

3X30 minute Reiki sessions   $150

3X60 minute Reiki sessions   $225

Add $10 per session for service in your home.

Gift Certificates Available

Time For A SPRING Tune-Up!

AuraCloud 3D Aura Scan

Through bio-feedback technology, you will have a chance to see your Aura! The Aura is a physical representation of your Astral body through color. Each color has its own representation to help guide you to a better understanding of your being.

Simply place your hand on the bio-feedback sensor and the computer does the rest. You will see a real-time, 3D, full colour video of your aura and seven main chakras. The software will then generate a 14 page, full colour report that you will receive right to your email inbox.

Aura scan only   $60

Combine your aura scan with a Reiki treatment and save $20!

Add $10 per session for service in your home.

Ask me about home parties and dog/cat aura scans!

Gift Certificates Available




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