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Rev. Darlene A. Russell B.Msc., RPN, EOLD

End of Life Support

Have you, a loved one, or a beloved pet received a life limiting diagnosis?

Are you feeling angry, confused, or overwhelmed?

As a certified End of Life Doula and Registered Practical Nurse with over two decades of experience in palliative care, I provide practical support, companionship, and assistance in preparing for your final transition. Contact me for a free consult to discuss your needs.

What is a Doula?

The word "doula" is Greek for servant or helper. A Doula is a trained professional who provides assistance and guidance to individuals and their families during transformative life changes.

Much like a birth doula assists in the birthing process, a death doula supports and assists individuals and their families through the dying process by recognizing death as a natural part of life and providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

In many cultures throughout history, mental, spiritual, physical and emotional support have been a fundamental part of the

transition to death.

Today, such support is rare, particularly in Western culture which tends to avoid discussions about death


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Right With Myself:
A workbook for dying well.

 By: Rev. Darlene A. Russell B.Msc.

Designed to help you navigate your emotions as you prepare for your final transition, this mindfulness journal is tailored specifically for the dying individual. Containing guided worksheets as well as lined pages for free-form journaling, this workbook encourages deliberate self-reflection and contemplation. If you have received a life limiting diagnosis and are feeling angry, confused, or overwhelmed, this journal can provide you with an outlet for your feelings.


"The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will”

– Chuck Palahniuk

Memories That Last:

The Art of Legacy Work

Think for a moment of someone close to

you who has died. It can be anyone,

a parent, friend, or even a pet.

What parts of themselves did

they leave behind for you

to remember them by?


Maybe a special recipe, photo album,

diary, or a family heirloom? Perhaps

you have a plaster paw print

commemorating your beloved pet.

These mementos are our legacy,

the parts of ourselves that live on

after we have gone.

I can help you plan and create

a beautiful legacy project -

a part of you that will always

be with your loved ones.


What Comes Next?

Maybe you have never had to plan a funeral. Maybe you have not even thought about where or how you would like your body to be cared for after your transition from life.

There are many options available to you from

cremation to burial, church service to an informal celebration of life at your home. This can be a very difficult discussion to have with your loved ones.

An End of Life Doula will be able to assist you

with planning, provide resources and referrals to other service providers, and ensure that

your arrangements are made and carried

out with the least amount of stress to

you and your loved ones.


(End Of Life Support)

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